ICEJ Israel Trip 10

UEC-His Hands in Israel is an outgrowth of these 2 trips. The ministry was created to provide several opportunities to those who might seek to make the annual pilgrimage to the Feast of Tabernacles;  and/or to those who might want to connect with Israeli ministries to help and serve those in need and to help with the hungry.

We also have established a relationship with Rabbi Yitzhak Naki, the overseer of a helps ministry to some 600 families in old Jerusalem known as Noam Eliezer.

We hope that UEC – His Hands in Israel, through this website, will help to provide you with    the ability to find or get information about several Israeli ministries that we work with closely.

We also want to help you make your very first or return trip to Israel.  

There are many tours.  Most are excellent, but many do not allow the person(s) on a budget to make such a trip.  We truly affirm the words of Zechariah 14:16, and believe that as often as possible, one might want to make an annual visit to Israel to celebrate Sukkot with our Jewish brothers and sisters.  We are acquainted with a wonderful older lady from the United Kingdom who had made over 25 trips.

As you read about “the Pilgrimage,” UEC – His Hands in Israel offers you two different annual options.  The First is an independent trip in conjunction with opportunities with ICEJ or a more directed Tour hosted by the ICEJ – US Office which is designed as a full tour.