Rabbi Yitschak Naki of Noam Eliezer standing with a 7th generation, 300 yr old Torah Scroll

Since our founding the Ministry has existed by the love and gifts of a small group of friends and supporters.  In this short time there have been four trips to Israel where we have participated in an annual fall feast celebrated throughout the Land, as well as being able to actively work with and minister to those in need.

For the Ministry to continue and to both grow and reach out further to assist, we truly need your prayers and your financial assistance.  During the next 9 months we are asking Yahweh/God for just 25 new partners to give a gift of $22.00 a month.

The Lord has put it on our heart to see if there are 4 new partners that can give a gift of $50.00 a month. We are also believing for 2 new partners that can give a gift of $100.00 a month.

With your gift, you are being blessed by the words of Genesis 12:3 that states I “will bless those who bless you, and him who dishonors you I will curse, and in you all the families of the earth shall be blessed.”

With your gift you are helping enable “UEC – HIS HANDS IN ISRAEL” to continue to financially assist Noam Eliezer in their efforts to feed and care for 600 families in Old Jerusalem.  We also help provide assistance to Calvary Chapel Tel Aviv, Dugit Messianic outreach, and the International Christian Embassy Jerusalem with both funding and our ability to serve in a helps position in our trips to the Land.  

“UEC – His Hands in Israel” is a 501-c-3 non-profit ministry credentialed by the United Evangelical Churches.  The ministry Founder and Director, George S. Smith, Jr. is recognized and certified as a “Christian Worker.”  This allows the ministry to send staff to travel regularly to Israel and to both support financially and work with several Christian, Messianic, and Orthodox ministries and outreaches.

We are very much in support of the ICEJ annual Christian celebration of Sukkot, the Feast of Tabernacles, and will work on an annual basis to partner with them to bring people to Israel.  A percentage of every gift given will be set aside for a scholarship fund to help people to make the trip.

If you desire to help us financially with these visions, please make your check out to:

‘UEC – HIS HANDS IN ISRAEL” and mail to;

“UEC – His Hands in Israel”
3039 W. Peoria Avenue, Suite 102, Box 477
Phoenix, AZ 85029-5212


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