Pilgrimage to Jerusalem

Annually, UEC – His Hands in Israel will provide travel opportunities to go as a pilgrim to the city of Jerusalem to participate with believers from over 80 nations of the world to come together with the Jewish community to celebrate Sukkot as we partner with the International Christian Embassy Jerusalem.

We can help with registration, and a short “tour” extension before returning home. We are primarily working with United Airlines to make sure that you are paying fair prices and so that we can travel to and from as a group.

Recent pricing, as of July, 2017, has offered an 10-11 day trip to both participate in the Feast and do a bit of touring before returning home.  An overall cost for this special pilgrimage includes ICEJ pricing for the Feast for 2017 as a “Land Package” for $1,495.00 for seven days in Jerusalem at the 4 Star Ramada Inn Jerusalem, as well as all Feast activities.  A two and a half day extension can be had for around $395.00 as we do a lite tour into the Galilee region and Tiberias with final transportation to the Ben Gurion Airport in Tel Aviv.  Individual airfare round trip from Phoenix to Israel is best accomplished with United Air Lines for around $1,100.00 +/-.  Including trip insurance the overall cost is around $3,250.00.

We provide this information just for that purpose as we are communicating to you in July and the travel packages described above will likely be available similarly in early spring, 2018.  Deposits are due to ICEJ as early in the New Year as possible.  Air fare is best to be planned for toward mid to late July.  UEC – His Hands in Israel will assist you through the process to make the preparation for your trip as smooth as possible.

In 2018 the ICEJ will offer a 12 day Tour from the United States to Israel and return.  This year will celebrate the 70th anniversary of the current State of Israel. Please watch our Partnership Page next spring to be able to participate in this amazing trip.