Field Trip Over We’re Back to the “The Feast”…

A very warm “Shalom” to friends and those that love Israel and the people there.  This is the fifth of what has become a regular “Info Briefs” as to both the ministry and the most recent trip to Israel, the 2017 Feast of Tabernacles and the various activities during the time there…

We’re back and finally closing out Day Six.  This night another opportunity to bless the Lord in praise and worship and be treated to some additional teaching.  As the worship time ended I found myself on the main level of the Pais Arena, the area where I found myself in the midst of some 33 different vendors and ministries. Now many people might react in various ways… some will take the initiative and try to check out every ministry, and not undaunted, will then attack the vendors to take either something, anything or everything lest they forget a gift promised for someone.

Since this was my fourth opportunity to participate in this annual event, I’ve gotten to know many, both vendors and ministries.  One of my first stops was to “George’s Store.”  George, in this case is a wonderful Arab Christian who has many beautiful things.

Check Out the His Hands in Israel Store

Names of God Greeting Cards(Names of God Greeting Cards)

I’m showing two pictures, one of the booth and one of the two George’s – a world apart but drawn together by our common Lord.  “Dugit” is there, too along with a Texas/Israeli group, Word Ministries.  “Dugit,” meaning ‘little boat’ in Hebrew is a Messianic outreach in Tel Aviv that I’ve known about and worked with since 2012.

George's Store in Israel

UEC – His Hands in Israel is one of the organizations that we support in prayer as well as financially, as well as volunteering.  Since ‘we’ are all about both the Land of Israel and the people. We try to do as much as we can, by as is said by keeping the money in Israel.  We support artists, Galilee Calendar Company and ministries alike. 

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