Blessings as We Celebrate the New Year, 2018…

A Word from George and UEC – HIS hands in Israel…

A very warm “Shalom” to friends and those that love Israel and the people there.  This is the third of what has become a regular “Info Briefs” as to both the ministry and the most recent trip to Israel, the 2017 Feast of Tabernacles and the various activities during the time there…

As we look forward, I’d like to take a few minutes to glaze back for a moment.  My 73rd birthday was on November 30th, Thursday.  Panera Bread Company helped UEC -His Hands in Israel to hold our first actual ministry “Fund-Raiser.”  We were very blessed by more than 27 tables of friends and supporters, and the support was a huge blessing going into the New Year.  Thanks to each and all for your help, your prayers, your giving and your friendship.

Now, back to the 2017 Feast of Tabernacles notes.

Day Six, Monday was a very special day.  We began again at the Pais Arena, with an early morning time of praise and worship followed by a teaching by Peter Tsukahira, co-founder of the Or HaCarmel Ministry Center and the Mount Carmel School of Ministry.  He is likely best known for his work in building bridges between Israel and the nations.

“Rain Shower in Jerusalem”

A bit later there was a second plenary speaker, Alexander Shevchenko, a Slavic pastor and author of a number of Christian books, including “Her Majesty The Church.”  Then, at 11:00 sharp we stepped outside to board a bus for a field-trip where we went from Jerusalem in the first rain shower there since mid-April (kind of reminds you of living in Arizona).

Till the next brief!

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