Blessings as We Celebrate the Birth of Yeshua

A vey warm “Shalom” to friends and those that love Israel and the people there. This is the second “info brief” as to both the ministry and most recent trip to Israel, the Feast of Tabernacles and the various activities during the time there…

(If you missed the earlier brief, you can read it here)

Day Four, Saturday, a day of new adventures. Early today, we boarded our buses again for a much shorter ride… into the edge of East (Arab) Jerusalem. Our purpose was to visit what many believe to have been the garden tomb where Yeshua was lain during his short time. The property is beautiful with flowers, trees and walk ways. Somehow we managed to ‘shoe-horn’ over 2200 of we Christian pilgrims onto the property. We experienced a wonderful time of worship and short talks from both an Arab Christian and Messianic Pastor. To wrap up our time there was had a very wonderful Communion service.

The middle part of the day was open, followed by Opening Evening Celebration, also known as “Flag Night” because we recognize the  delegations from the 90+ countries represented. In addition there was a wonderful time of worship and a welcome by Jurgen Buhler, the international director of the International Christian Embassy – Jerusalem.

Day Five, Sunday, found us again at the Pais Arena (a beautiful sports arena built for The sport of basketball for the state, Israel Team. This was a busy, full day with worship, teaching and breakout sessions until almost early afternoon.

(See you on the next one…)

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